How to create an effective folder structure

For me it is crucial that everything is organised and easy to access when producing one of my projects. It an absolute nightmare when I can’t find an important file when I need it, and it wastes so much time trying to find it. That’s why before I start any of my projects I create an effective folder structure, so I know exactly where everything I need is and I have a clear guide of where everything should be saved.


To begin with I create a folder for each of my lectures, this is to make sure that my work doesn’t get mixed up and become impossible to find. I want my folders to be as clear as possible to make life easier for myself down the line. To create folders themselves are incredibly straightforward. Simply click the ‘new folder’ button on the top left of the ‘documents’ page and name the folder accordingly.



Once I had made my general folders I then go on to make a file for each of my assignments I would have to do for each subject. This is so I know which piece of work belongs to each assignment and they don’t get crossed over.


Following this, I then go on to include sub-folders including all the different soft wares I am likely to use during my projects. I also create a folder for screen shots to save the photos which show my step by step process of the project.

Top Tip: Make sure you name all work you save appropriately as this will help you find the document you need a lot quicker later on.


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