Challenge 01

For this project I had to produce a creative interpretation of a chosen quote. This interpretation would be in the form of a composite image. The quote my image represents is from ‘U2’:

‘I can’t believe the news today, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away’

In order to create this composite image I had to go through a production process.


The first thing I did was plan my ideas for my composite image. I did this by creating a spider diagram, sketches and colour charts. I find these forms of planning to be extremely useful as it gives me a clear direction when creating the actual project. I know exactly what I want and this helps me to focus on the task ahead.

Spider Diagram

My Spider Diagram


First Sketch

Second Sketch

Colour Charts 

My colour chart


Once I had planned effectively I went on to composing my composite image. I did this using Photoshop. I began by creating a new project and chose my document type as ‘international paper’. I wanted my image to be landscape, in order to rotate the paper I went to ‘image’, ‘image rotation’ and then ’90 degree clockwise’.

Inserting background image

For the first step of creating my composite image I inserted my chosen background image. This can be done by selecting ‘file’ and ‘open’ and then clicking the image of your choice. You will then want to unlock the image so you are able to edit it freely. I often forget to do this step and I can never work out why my edits aren’t working. To do this simply click on the little padlock next to the layer.

Inserting text

I then went on to add a bold headline. I did this by selecting the ‘T’ icon on the left side of the page. Once I had typed my title I went on to chose a suitable font for the typography. In the end I decided I wanted a bold font as I wanted the title to stand out on the page. I also decided the title should be red as I wanted to follow my colour scheme. When creating my colour chart I felt red would be a good colour to use in my image as it could represent the danger that is being reported in the news.

To make the title stand out more I added a black outer stroke. To do this select the layer you wish to add the stroke to and click the ‘fx’ button on the bottom right side of the page. From this then click the ‘stroke’ section and adapt the strokes size and opacity to create your desired effect.

Insert image

I then went on to insert my image of an old man with his eyes closed. I did this the same way I inserted my background image. Once my image was inserted I originally wanted to get rid of the sharp, hard lines which were the sides of the image. To do this I tried to use the ‘blur’ tool but I didn’t get my desired effect.

Inserting the outer stroke

As this didn’t work I decided to include a black outer stroke to the image instead to make it look as if the image had been framed. Although my original idea didn’t go to plan I am happy with my alternative option and like the final finish.

Adding smaller headings

I then wanted to add various smaller headings of big news articles that have happened in our history .To do this I inserted the images and used the free transform tool to decrease the size of the image and angle it slightly.  I also wanted the headings to be monochrome like the background image so I used the hue and saturation tools to remove the colour from the images.

Decreasing the opacity

Once all my singular headings had been inserted I decided to decrease the opacity of the images so they faded into the background image. I did this as I felt it made the final image feel more like a composite image rather than an image which had separate images on it. I decreased the opacity to 75%. Overall I was very happy with my final image and thoroughly enjoyed the production process.


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