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This week I was instructed to go explore Horsforth and take photographs along the way. These photos had to belong to one or more of four sections; these being close-up’s, reflection, landscape and shape. We were give a set route and were told to be creative in what we took photos of.



The map of the route

I created a gallery for all of the images I took during the walk. I was very pleased with the variety of photos I got and the use of different angles and shots.

Once I had taken all my pictures, I was encouraged to select my favourite one from each category and edit them in Photoshop.

Close Up’s 

edited-close-upI decided that this was my favourite close up as I loved how the green colour was so bright and stood out in the image. I also thought that the way the rocks were all piled onto each other was visually interesting and like how uniform they were.

When editing this image I wanted to make the colour more vibrant so it would stand out more. In order to do this I first adapted the levels to increase the brightness of the image and create darker shadows in the image.


Adapting the levels in Photoshop

I then went on to increase the hue and saturation in order to make the green more rich in colour so it would be the focus of the photograph. I also felt that by doing this it made the moss look more alive.  close-up-3-hs

I also used the colour balance just to improve the richness of the green a little bit more. close-up-4-colour-balence



I really liked this photograph as I feel it’s quite dark and mysterious. I took this reflection in a car bonnet and was inspired to take the photo as I could clearly see all the detail of the trees branches.

I edited this photo just by changing the levels to make the image appear darker. By doing this the branches became black and almost silhouette like.relection-1-levels



I choose this photo over the others because I love how the green really stands out on the page. Also I wanted rule of thirds to be applied to give the photo structure.

When I first edited the photo I knew I wanted to brighten it as the original image was quite dark. So I used the brightness and contrast tool to adjust the light levels within the photo. I feel by doing this I made the image appear more positive and open.


I then went on to adjust the levels to create the perfect lightning for the image.




This image was my favourite from the shape photos. I am naturally drawn to bright, vivid colours and that’s why I love this photo. The orange in the cone is really eye catching and that’s why I love this photo.


First of all I used the hue and saturation to brighten the colour of the red. I selected reds in particular so only the parts of the photo in that colour would brighten. I increased the saturation to +57 and darkened the photo -18.


I then adjusted the levels just to add some finishing touches to the image.

Overall I believe that my landscape image is my favourite out of the four. I just really like the country landscape the all the different tones of green within the image.



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